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Obesity is a personal issue, nothing to do with others

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“Not benefit in being fat” article by Tee Lin Say published in The Star has caused uproar for her insensitive critics on those obese people. Tee Lin Say has apologized for her harsh critics on obese people.

I can only tell my readers that obesity is very bad to your health.

I only advised my sister once who is over weight by at least 50%. She admitted she ate a lot of junk food. Since she is an adult and know exactly junk food is hazardous to herself and her kids, whether to continue eating junk food is her personal choice.

Only a small percentage of obesity is due to medication, childbirth and genetic. The rest is due to over eating and no regular exercise.

If a person chooses to be fat and subject to the risk of shortening his/her own life, that is absolutely his/her personal choice.

Another issue is obese people is ugly or not is also depending on social dogma in a community. The fat woman in Fiji is considered pretty is an example.

Generally the fat people are seen as ugly, lazy and indiscipline stock in […]