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Telekom is a bully

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Besides the double billing issue faced by some users, I have encountered a bully from Telekom who called me after I terminated my streamyx account at a Telekom outlet in Taman Indah Pandan.

The Telekom staff who speak Malay only was asking my personal particulars on the phone, I replied him that NO to provide my personal details like name and IC number to anyone calling my phone.

He threatened me that Telekom will not terminate my Streamyx account even I already have submitted application form to them IF I refused to provide my personal info for their verification on the phone.

I immediately shouted at him at >100 decibel points and challenged him to do so.

I scolded him that I will make it an issue by dragging Telekom to Tribunal Court besides complaining to Prime Minister’s complaint bureau and MCMC IF he got ball not to terminate my streamyx account.

The staff chickened out and terminated my streamyx account on the following day.

Telekom is a big bully because of its monopoly on broadband service in Bodohland.

Steamed up over Unifi-Streamyx double billing

Malaysiakini – 2 hours 4 minutes ago