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Who is behind this 1Malaysia by-election welfare organization?

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I believe a super tycoon with the surname Tan is the sponsor for 1Malaysia welfare organization to bribe Chinese voters with free gifts.

He was believed to fork out RM25 million cash to topple Perak PR state government. His sports gambling business plan was halted by strong opposition from the PR and general public members.

PR is his main enemy in his gambling empire expansion plan, and get rid of PR at all costs is his main agenda.

This tycoon usually hired Indian gangsters as his bouncers and workers. Most of the workers deployed in Labis by this mysterious 1Malaysia welfare organization are also Indians. I do not think this is a coincidence.

This news is a clue who is behind 1Malaysia bribery organization.

成功集團未放棄賭牌 轉機就看來屆大選 獨家報導:何燕羚

(吉隆坡3日訊)可靠消息透露,成功集團(Berjaya Group)尚未放棄申請體育博彩執照,惟需視國陣能否在來屆大選中以大比數勝出,若國陣大勝,前景就較樂觀。