Teoh Beng Hock >>>

Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide is a bullshit

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The RC conclusion is purely based on hypothesis and opinions.

Two innocent people died in the MACC office is not coincident, it has something to do with the evil committed by MACC.

The last straw on BN integrity is crashed to pieces with this commit suicide conclusion from Royal Commission. My early post said UMNO created kangaroo court is proven correct again.

Let get 10 world renowned mental physicians to see how many agree with Teah became mentally weak instantly after long hour interrogation by MACC.

Those people still believe today’s royal commission is professional and fair as old one, please forget it. Why not a retired judge was appointed to head this royal commission? The answer is in your head.

MACC is the most corrupt government agency in Malaysia, a thief catching another thief is another Boleh. There is zero hope if you allow BN wins in the next general action, BN is like terminally ill patient, no medicine can cure it.

Nazri also lied by purportedly quoting Paul Mullen had said Teoh was becoming a high risk group in self-destruction after aggressive interrogations by MACC.

BAR refuted there was such statement […]