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The mindset of PR opposition supporters

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I agree with many points in this writing except for corruption survey.

Q1: Did he know the sample size used by Transparency International?

Q2: Standard sample size of 1000 is not true, the sample size is dependent on alpha and beta risks of a survey.

Another one missing point not mentioned by the author, PR supporters condemn violent protests by Perkasa but condone violent protests by Green Himpunan.

The problem with Opposition supporters – Ooi Kok Hin

DEC 26 – The highest form of patriotism is dissent.

This quote is often used to describe the situation in which we protest against something we love, even at the risks of harming ourselves, when it goes in the wrong direction. Opposition supporters attribute their dissent to their love for the country, which is a good thing. However, many of them see things differently when this quote is applied to them.

Opposition enthusiasts don’t appreciate it when you protest their wrongdoings.

They’d call you “pengkhianat, katak, turncoat, UMNO dogs etc.”

They see their leaders as saints and the other side as devils. For them, political contest is as simplistic as the choice between […]