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Misleading info in a food article in the Star

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I refer to the article, “Have a juicy day! Juice your way through the fasting month.”

I have to stop reading at the half-way because of many misleading health info given in the article. The Star as a leading newspaper in Malaysia should be more responsible in disseminating health related information to readers and public members.

You as a reporter who cover health topic shall have some basic knowledge on the subject to avoid copy and paste false information from the shop owners. This kind of article shall be placed under the “commercial advertisement” for its false information and advice.

Quote, “Green juice is best taken after waking up. That is when the stomach is empty and able to absorb the nutrients in the drink,” said Anabelle Co-Martinent, whose company La Juiceria Sdn Bhd specialises in producing and crafting cold-pressed juices for detox – and revitalising – which are available on a home-delivery plan.

My response #1.

Drinking juice after waking up is actually harmful, not healthy as claim in your article. Human body needs plain water to re-balance water discharge through urine after the long sleep.

Quote, “Green juice is packed […]