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Why 60-year concession in sPICE is ok, but 60-year in coastal highway is not ok?

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I was bemused when I read LGE protested against 60-year concession for the West Coast Expressway (WCE) is a world record. Junior Lim’s short memory seemed could not recall sPICE was also giving out 30+30 year concession to SP Setia.

Why BN’s 60-year is bad while PR’s 60-year is good?

Can DAP running dogs come forward to explain this double standard?

Calling RFQ instead of open tender is also called CAT, DAP transparency is limiting each person 2 hour to read the sealed contract in Komtar, no photocopy and shooting are permitted.

I agree DAP’s CAT is stand for Corruption, Arrogant and Talking.