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Incite religious issue for political gain is too dangerous

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How about Christian groups calling a seminar on threat of Islamication? Perkasa and UMNO goons will amok.

Thailand with 95% people are Buddhists refused to make Buddhism as an official religion. Islam is freely taught in TV stations in Southern Thailand.

Indonesia with 88% Muslims allows its Muslim to convert to any religion at his/her will.

There is misconception that Islam was declared the official religion after independence. The constitution amendment to make Islam an official religion only occurred in early 90s and Muslims are banned to convert to other religions only enforced in 1987 and thereafter.

The opposite is in Bolehland where Islam is an official religion, only Islamic teaching is taught in TV and radio stations and Muslim is prohibited to convert to any religion freely.

Islam has been used and manipulated by UMNO until many Muslims in Bolehland are brainwashed and turned into racists, fascists, terrorists and fanatics.

Anwar: Christian Threat is Umno Propaganda

Pakatan Rakyat has condemned the latest move to instil fears about threats of Christianity being spread in in the country, blaming it as tactic by Umno to “frighten” the Muslim Malay majority.

“I want to […]