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TM is imposing illegal business practice on its customers

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– TM mailed a notice two weeks ago to inform me that I have to reply to unsubscribe TM directory service which is never subscribed by me.

– Either I accepts or rejects the service, the customer still have to pay TM. If the customer rejects the service, TM will charge the customer RM 25 per year. And if the customer accepts the service, TM is also charging customer RM10 per year. In either way, I have to pay for a service not wanted in the first place.

– This is a daylight robbery by forcing customer to subscribe TM directory service.

I have lodged complaint with MCMC and PM Public Complaint Bureau about this matter. If you are not doing so, please complain to MCMC and PM PCB as well.

MCMC Online complaint:

PM Public Complaint Bureau: