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Top ten boring things to do in Malaysia

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1. Watching any Malaysia non-satellite TV stations. 2. Reading any local English and Malay newspapers. 3. Listen to any songs from Wee Meng Chee. 4. Submit income tax yearly declaration form. 5. Travelling along PLUS highway. Nothing to see except trees and grasses. 6. Bank in foreign checks with the Maybank. No deposit through check deposit machine is allowed for foreign checks. 7. Leaving office and home for lunch and dinner. 8. Driving behind any female and clergy drivers. 9. Pay monthly bills for water, electricity and phones either online or offline. 10. Top up pre-paid handphone. Most of time you found phone card is expired when you need the phone for important calls.

Sadly to say, except for Wee’s rap song, you cannot get rid most of them, you have to live with them.