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Penang PR government spent RM 0 for its popular tourism facebook vs BN government 1.76 million

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Ng Yen Yen showing her incompetent and wasteful nature again. I often visit her facebook and see nothing is professional except a flash image which I (as a non-IT man) can design at a fraction of cost.

Philippines is having an online campaign to put Puerto Princesa Underground River on the seven nature wonders.

Why don’t Ng Yen Yen compares her ministry facebook spending with Penang state tourism facebook?

This below facebook design work cost is no more than RM3000, not that exorbitant RM300,000 paid by Tourism Ministry.

RM1.8mil FB page to boost tourism

THE Tourism Ministry needs to allocate funds to reach out to global travellers, including youngsters, through social media, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said.

She said a RM1,758,432 allocation by the ministry to develop its Facebook page professionally was part of its social media campaign, adding that it was a small amount compared to that spent by other countries in the region.

The Philippines spent RM7mil on social media for its tourism campaign while Australia had allocated about A$150mil (RM485mil) over the next three years.

Dr Ng was hitting out at those […]