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Bolehland snail train vs China bullet train

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Let’s take a look at comparison with the China bullet train. China bullet train speed is 2.8 times fastest than KTM new electric train, but the cost variance is about 1.5.

Bolehland new train max speed: 140 KM/h and average speed (?)

Ref: Rawang-Ipoh: RM6 billion for 179 Km

Railway cost: RM33.52 million per Km. Note: The cost is for modification of old railway.

China new train max speed: 394 KM/h and average speed 350 KM/h

Ref: USD 17 billion for 1,100 Km

Railway cost: RM51 million per Km. Note: New railway is built.

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Bolehland has spent over RM 30 billion to build an obsolete railway system while China is smart enough to build 390 KM per hour bullet train.

Ong Tee Keat said we are a third country, we cannot afford to have advanced train system like China. A typical political rhetoric from a MCA politician. The fact is China is not a first world country, but they build a train system for the […]