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NST selectively to publish comments

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My example of paying 400% normal price tag on DEFTECH AV-8 8X8 armored vehicles by Mindef was omitted as usual by UMNO mouth piece, NST.

An idiotic reader in the NST thought he is an expert on purchasing in the Malaysia military. He thought buying RM3 billion a piece of Typhoon jet fighter by Malaysia is impossible and ridiculous thing.

We all know Malaysia is a Bolehland, UMNO defense minister paid RM3 billion for a Typhoon is definite a possible thing.

‘Typhoon package is the best deal’

By Leslie Andres, Alang Bendahara and Adrian David ,Pictures by Mokhsin Abidin, Khairu | 3 comments

Cost of aircraft can go down, says Eurofighter

Royal Malaysian Air Force MiG-29Ns in action during Lima. The search is on to find their replacement.

Eurofighter’s director for its Typhoon Malaysia programme was responding to negative news reports that the multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) was too costly.

“Our approach is to provide a figure… this can go down later (depending on what the requirements are),” he said at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace exhibition.