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BN government sent Muslim refugees to China Communist regime

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Muslims in Malaysia must protest against BN government in violating international human rights protocol by sending Uighur asyleum seekers to China.

The fate of these Muslim refugees is uncertain under a pariah nation, mostly they will be jailed for at least 20 years by China kangaroo court or being executed in the public.

Najib’s administration will do anything to please China Communist regime because Malaysia desperately needs the investment capital from China after the Westerner nations have no longer to see Malaysia is a haven for cheap labor investment projects.

Malaysia: Stop Forced Returns to China More Uighur Asylum Seekers Denied Basic Protections

“While Malaysians were celebrating the New Year, their government was forcibly returning Uighur asylum seekers to a dangerously uncertain fate in China. The government has an obligation to explain how this happened, China’s role, and the steps being taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director

(New York) – Malaysia’s secret forced return to China of six Uighurs with pending asylum claims on December 31, 2012, was a grave violation of international law, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to the Malaysian government today. […]