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Doctor in UM Hospital used non-contact method to diagnose patient

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My elder brother did visit UM Hospital once, a Malay female doctor used ball pen instead of her fingers to diagnose his numbed hand.

I am not sure the ball pen diagnosis method is patented by UM or not, at least the Malay female doctor was creative enough to invent non-contact method not found elsewhere.

My brother complained to me through phone, I replied to him for what, I am not the top management for UM hospital. I told him walked straight to UM hospital administrative office to see the head and complained to him/her.

UM hospital management was surprised for knowing such ball pen non-contact method used by a female doctor because no one ever complained to them. They promised would take action against the doctor.

My brother did not follow up the complaint. I am not sure what action was taken against the female doctor.

The Health Minister, Liow Tiong Lai should make surprise visits to hospitals to see himself on actual conditions instead of relying on KPI reports from his subordinates. Traumatic experience at Universiti Hospital

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