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UMNO anti-Chinese rally turns into chaos

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); UMNO anti-Chinese red shirt rally is a paid service.

UMNO thugs were trying to break into shops.

Ini orang berani mencabar hak perlembagaan orang Cina, tapi tak berani tunjuk muka sial.

I hope Johor Sultan chased her out from Johor for her racist remarks against a MP and another Johorean.

I attended a rally against GE13 result in Padang Merbok and know the maximum capacity of Padang Merbok is no more than 50,000 people. Anyone claim UMNO anti-Chinese rally has 250,000 people must be an idiot.

If the mob is Bersih protesters, I believe police will use teargas instead of clean water to disperse the crowd.

Red-shirt protesters violated so-called permit conditions by gathering illegally in Petaling Street and Bukit Bintang.

UMNO protesters are proven again is a herd of violent and uncivilized gangsters unlike Bersih prostesters.