Race Relations >>>

I went through almost the same journey with the writer, a SOP after 1971

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Basically the segregation of students along the racial line happened after my Form 3 when UMNO’s apartheid kicked in in full force. I have stopped visiting Malay classmates during hari raya after departed from my first secondary school in the deep rural area.

I still remember a Malay teacher told Malay students in the class that Chinese is the one selling drug to poison Malay minds. I believe same teaching is still being used by BTN till today.

Malaysia is a nation within a nation especially in West Malaysia, three major races are living in the own mini world. The social interaction is limited to working relationship. At least 90% of Chinese or Malay or Indian wedding ceremonies are attended by a single race only.

For instances, there are also bars and pubs to cater for different races in Penang.

UMNO apartheid works perfectly in Malaysia for UMNO to secure power for last 60 years. As long as Malay majority supports UMNO’s apatheid to gain a simple majority, why UMNO have to worry the support from Chinese and Indians?

UMNO only needs non-Malay votes to secure 2/3 majorities for them to […]