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UMNO has copied China Communist's brainwashing campaign in local universities

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The lady speaker is immature, undemocratic, rude and racist.

The students mostly Malays were clapping to support all sort of bullshits from her mouth is telling that UMNO brainwashing campaign learned from the China Communist has worked very well to make young Malays a bunch of potential fanatics, racists and bigots.

UUM students were taking oath against the constitutional rights of public assembly is a betrayal to nation. UUM Student Union and SW1M, not Ambiga and Bersih are true anarchy who attempt to berate Malaysia constitution.

I do not see there is any bright future in Malaysia under such politicized education system.

Netizens give “listen, listen” UUM speaker an earful By P. ARUNA

PETALING JAYA: Besides harsh criticism, netizens have reacted to a video of an NGO leader snatching the microphone away from a university student by creating comical Internet memes, songs and even dance remix versions of the video.

Users ridiculed the leader for repeating the word “Listen” seven times to stop the student from speaking and for comparing the issues raised, such as free education and street protests, to the “problems” faced by animals.

“Even sharks have […]