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Why BN is coaching Chinese voters so hard? The repeat of 1999's GE?

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I believe UMNO already sensed that Malay voters will swing to PR, otherwise why UMNO is so kind to Chinese now?

This is a repeat for 1999’s general election where all Chinese appeals were accepted by Mahathir. Of course everyone knows Mahathir had condemned Chinese as the communists for extorting UMNO after BN won the election narrowly.

I talked to Chinese strangers in Johor and most of them are angry with BN for super corruption and unjust treatment to Chinese. I am quite confidence to say at least 70% Malaysian Chinese will vote PR in parliament seats.

If 40% Malay voters decide to vote for PR, BN will be ended in GE13.

The king maker is not Indian or Chinese, Malays are the ones to decide who is final winner.