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UMNO last weapon is racial card after it fails to win middle-class Malaysians

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); BN winning formula in GE 13 is racial hatred, lie and violence.

Racial hatred campaign: Be prepared to see more racial hatred propagandas in our mass media especially against Chinese.

Nazi version: Created hatred against Jewish.

The picture of LKS being grabbed and manhandled by officers was taken at the Kota Kinabalu old airport terminal. This photo was doctored by UMNO to make it like Lim urinated in a flag post in former Selangor MB Harun’s official residence.

Lie: Another weapon is learning Nazi to repeat a lie at least 10,000 time to make it a truth in the mind of rakyat. A good example is Bersih 2.0 is kotor video clip is aired repeatedly in TV stations.

Nazi version: The German hyperinflation was due to economic exploitation and manipulation by Jewish Businessmen.

Violence: The last weapon is using violence and fear to threat opposition and rakyat. BN bought over Pekida samseng, Chinese and Indian gangsters with money to create chaos in PR political gatherings.

Nazi version: Hitler was using Gestapo to silent his opponents.

UMNO copies every Nazi’s tactics!

Malaysia’s PM Najib struggles with election dilemma By Jonathan Manthorpe, Vancouver Sun […]