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Repost :: Does it feel like a bunch of gangsters are running this country?

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The most recent act by UMNO to try and kill off Anwar with a lowly sex video moves me to write this article. Because it increasingly feels like we are living in a country run by gangsters.

What characterizes gangsters? Is there any difference between what gangsters do and what UMNO does?

Use of force, fear, bribes, threats, violence, deceit, unchallengeable positions, indulgence, and parasitic existence and not worrying about appearances would be a reasonable answer to the first question.

To answer the second question “Is there any difference?” I will examine how UMNO performs in many of these dimensions to answer that question.

1) Force –The Police, the Attorney General’s office, the Courts (I will call them the Unholy Trio from now on) are the instruments of force of UMNO. You see them figuring prominently in all occasions where UMNO’s lawlessness are questioned. Being involved with Hindraf Makkal Sakthi, I can tell you that, without batting an eyelid– our people are constantly threatened with detention under ISA, or with charges of sedition, or are charged with being involved in an illegal organization after UMNO unconstitutionally and unlawfully outlawed Hindraf.

The form […]