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Raja Petra true color finally reveals to public

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I believe (not a fact yet) RM 5 million will able to make Raja Petra a turncoat and pro-BN supporter. He will be welcomed home with red carpet before 13rd general election for him to attack PR and anyone against BN.

This idiot thinks he is a semi-God who always attacked and insulted Malaysian Chinese brainlessly.

No doubt, he can criticize Anwar under the spirit of speech freedom, but he came out nothing concrete to support his wild claims except like another empty talker, Mahathir.

Anwar is having fair trial according to Raja Petra, then he should come home to face kangaroo court for his statutory declaration charges.

His blog always seeing praises for him? Do you know why? Because he is like Ng Yen Yen blocks out my comments and ID.

I was the one registered in 1998. He copied my idea later by registered I sold to a lady in July 2008 after 308 political tsunami. It saw 200,000 unique visitors on the 308 historical day!

Only idiots will see this Malay idiot named Raja Petra is a justice fighter nowadays.

Haris Hashim has resigned as […]