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UMNO syiok sendiri with 100,000 members in the Bukit Jalil Stadium

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Bukit Jalil Stadium full seated capacity is 87,411, and in order to have 100,000 people, the stadium seats and football field must be fully filled.

The Star’s photo is a section of the stadium to hide empty seatings, while this below full view photo from NST shows not so packed crowds. My first estimate of 80,000 people was wrong because third upper 27,000-capacity deck seatings are empty.

1. Third deck with 0 people.

2. Second deck with 20,000 people

3. First deck with 20,000 people.

4. Football field with 15,000 people.

The maximum crowd number is 55,000, not 100,000 as reported in MSM news.

My next question is did UMNO inform KL police on the gathering ten days before the event as per the Peaceful Assembly Act?