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Corruption in the police is the root cause of underaged prostitution industry

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I was told by my friend who is a business crony with UMNO. A high ranking police officer was transferred to Kuantan after he found no enough vaults to keep his cash from his lucrative post in KL. Police worried that too much cash in his house would expose his corruption practices.

Human traffickers and pimps should be hanged till death if Malaysia wants to clean up its name for rampant human trafficking industry. But corrupt police force will not help, all laws are merely like the toilet papers for show.

Bukit Aman: Ours is not sex industry


PETALING JAYA: Bukit Aman claimed that a video report on underage sex trafficking in Malaysia was “lopsided” and portrayed the country as being a sex hub.

Secret Societies, Gambling and Vice Division principal assistant director Senior Asst Comm Datuk Roslee Chik said the report did not give the real picture of Malaysia’s sex trade; which he said was “not that big.”

“The term ‘sex industry’ used in the video is very wrong and negative.

“In Malaysia, the existence of prostitution is undeniable – just like in other countries. But the level of […]