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PR is a new BN in duit kopi practice?

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If you replace Lim Guan Eng name with X, 99% Malaysians will think Penang undersea tunnel project is another BN project.

He quoted 8 billion from the highest quote in the bid. If a proxy company controls by DAP man enters the bid with 15 billion, LGE will proudly announce to the world that he saved 8.7 billion.

This is his smart way of saving 8.7 billion for Penang, and he selectively forget RM 4.08 billion he quoted in 2011.

Besides, there are irregularities in the tender processes which he has chosen not to answer selectively. CAP and many pro-PR NGOs also come out against the project is a clear signal the project is not welcomed in Penang.

Duit kopi hypothesis is only explanation why the project is bulldozed single-handedly by Lim Guan Eng.

If there is a secret voting among Penang DAP committee members, I believe the mega project will be vetoed by Penang DAP.

Since he has hijacked the GE and wanted Penang voters to decide his mega project to proceed or not based on the election result.

My suggestion is vote PR in the parliament level. Vote BN or no […]