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TAR College and UTAR are symbols of shame to Chinese

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The existence of TAR college and UTAR is an official endorsement by MCA that Malaysian Chinese deserved to be treated as the second class citizen.

Under the aparthied NEP, our (mean non-bumi) tax paid to government is used for bumi only MARA and UiTM. MCA as a component party in the BN has agreed that Chinese parents must pay their children education with their own hard earned money besides fulfilling tax obligation.

This is so-called Ah Q mindset, the victim compliments a rapist who rapes his daugther is doing a good service to him and his community.

MCA is a self-proclaimed Chinese hero for setting TAR college and UTAR.

I do not mean to insult those graduates from both institutions, your people are real victims. You may like to believe MCA is helping you, otherwise you have no else to go for your tertiary education. That is a half-truth myth from MCA.

This MCA great achievement is attained through “double taxation” on your parents and official endorsement of second class citizenship for Malaysian Chinese.

1Malay(sia) = Bumi didahulukan, Non-bumi dibelakangkan.