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Psy's horse dance must be banned also by Jakim

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Accordingly to Guan Ming Daily, PSY will be the special guest for BN’s CNY Celebration on 11 February in Penang.

The show fee for PSY is also world class, RM 1.5 million for a 5-minute show by PSY in China.

If Samsung sponsors PSY’s show in a political rally, Malaysian consumers should boycott Samsung for mingling its business with Malaysia domestic politics.

Psy’s horse dance is also conflicting with Islamic teaching although no Christianity’s element in the dance. Sexy female dancers crossing in between two legs of a male dance is definitely “un-islamic” value.

Jakim related Valentine’s Day to vice is ridiculous, some Malaysian Muslims engage in illegal sex activity happen in every day.

Young volunteers advise Muslims not to celebrate Valentine’s Day

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 – More than 300 volunteers between 19 to 25 years-old today joined a programme to make Muslims wary of the importance of not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

The programme called “Jerat Hari Valentine” (Valentine’s Day Trap) targets several locations in Kuala Lumpur, said director-general of Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Datuk Othman Mustapha.

“The young volunteers can advice and explain Valentine’s Day to the Muslim […]