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I have voted PAS from day one..what is your problem, Chua Soi Lek?

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Johor under BN is more Islamic than Kedah.

– Jawi signboard was first introduced in Johor.

– Muslim school girls wearing head scarf was first introduced in my school in Muar.

– Entertainment outlets have to be closed during Islamic religion and Hol day of Johor Sultan.

PAS Kedah allocated 80% annual budget on an Islamic university may sound unwise, but the money is still worth RM350 million with no leakage unlike BN projects.

Choosing DAP equivalent to voting for PAS, says Chua

SUNGAI PETANI: The Chinese community must be mindful that a vote for DAP is equivalent to a vote for PAS and PKR, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

He said that the DAP had paved the way for PAS to briefly come into power in Perak earlier.

Similarly, when they came to power in Kedah, he said PAS had carried out several actions that were detrimental to multi-racial Malaysia.

“And, the DAP is impotent to do anything about it,” he said after chairing a meeting with local businessmen at Jade Garden restaurant in Taman Ria here yesterday.

Chua cited examples where the PAS-led Kedah government had […]