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Another BN Crony WASTE Project

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This is another BN project. No open tender and no bidding and a black box direct negotiation to enrich BN cronies.

The industrial parks inside the Muhyiddin’s constituency, Pagoh supposed must have waste water processing and solid waste collection facilities in each park. The OC was given to industrial park operators even without these critical facilities, and the exemption given has resulted in unprocessed waste water and pollutants discharged into Muar river.

The Muar river is supplying drinking water for more than 1 million people, yet the discharge of industrial and household pollutants to the river is allowed by bending the laws backward.

Whatever complaint made against this issue by the small kampong folks always ignored by DOE and Johor government because the owner is a MCA leader and also a donor for DPM Muhydddin.

The opposition parties in Pagoh always in the hibernation mode and only wake up for awhile during the election campaign days. This critical local issue was never brought up by DAP, PR and PAS for past 15 years.

PR wants to wrest Johor from BN control is another daylight dream with such a pathetic performance.

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