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Water crisis is Klang Valley is a plot by BN to make PR Selangor a guinea pig

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Water rationing is a dirty tactic used by BN before GE13.

Rain falls in Selangor and Klang Valley for last several mouths are at the normal level, almost every evening in KL is a raining day. The raw water in reservoirs and river is sufficient to meet the demand of water treatment plants.

The production of treated water of existing plants is able or not to meet the demand of water consumption in Klang Valley is still a debatable subject. 2 billion [the cost will be tripled to 6 billion after completion as usual] raw water project from Pahang River is a dubious project like many other BN white elephant projects.

To plug 40% leakage in water distribution system or increase more treated water is a contentious issue between Federal Government and Selangor state government.

I only trust water supply and demand study in Klang Valley done by an independent body like UN, I have doubt on any report’s accuracy from BN or PR governments.

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