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Lee Chong Wei is an unfilial son?

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Any national and Olympics awards to Lee is meaningless if he treats his father like a shit.

He shall retire now to do his business because winning a gold medal in 2016’s Olympics does not make him a role model for traditional Chinese who put the filial piety as the first moral value.

Of course he can still be marketed as a Chinese unfilial kafir role model for Malays by UMNO.

Chinese business tycoons like Yeoh Tiong Lee are always sniffed on unfilial son, thus LCW may be blacklisted by YTL Corp.

His father sent him to badminton training center with motorbike when he was a child. Without his father’s generous support, I believe there is no Lee in the badminton world.

Besides Chong Wei’s father, his mentor, Misbun also absent from his grand wedding party.

Lin Dan’s image is transformed from a bad boy to a filial son and good husband, while Lee’s image is turning from a good sportsman to an unfilial son and fame seeker.

The Super Dan’s speech made during the award presentation dinner for the China best teachers is very touching and humble.

“My contribution to […]