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Kudos to Melaka government for using vacuum tanker

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Checking it out: Zainuddin (in orange vest) and Mahadi (left) inspecting the functioning of the sludge vacuum tanker.

I am confident to say 99% of flash floods in our cities and towns are due to drain clogging problem. Abnormal weather with heavy pour is rare incident.

As a matter of fact, cleaning drains regularly with the powerful vacuum tanker is a SOP in all cities in America.

I have suggested to import vacuum tanker several years ago in my blog, only Muhammad Ali Rustam is heeding my humble advice now.

Multi billion SMART project will not alleviate flooding in KL city without regular cleaning on clogged drains and flood channels.

Penang government should buy vacuum tankers as the proactive measure to prevent flash flooding in Georgetown.

Cleaning up Jonker Walk with vacuum tanker


MALACCA: A newly-acquired sludge vacuum tanker was the highlight during the recent cleaning operation launched to spruce-up famous Jonker Walk here.

Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (PPSPPA) in collaboration with SWM Environment and Malacca Historical City Council launched the operation which saw the deployment of 25 workers and the sludge vacuum tanker known […]