428 Bersih 3.0 >>>

Who should be blamed for Bersih 3.0 Sit-in fracas?

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Let me use a quantitative method to explain who is the ultimate loser and winner in Bersih 428 Sit-in rally.

For the beginning, PR, BN and Bersih NGOs all are given 100 marks.

Problem 1: Sealing Dataran Merdeka itself is anti-democracy and injustice act made by DBKL and BN without any justification. This is a bad example of using law to to suppress rakyat from using their property.

> Deduct 50% for BN.

Right solution is to let Bersih to use Dataran Merdeka without condition.

Problem 2: Police and FRU used excessive force by spreading teargas and chemical-laced water against invading Bersih protesters. No gold mine in the Dataran Merdeka for FRU to shot anyone with teargas and water cannon.

> Deduct 20% for BN

Right solution is police should just arrest those protesters entering the Dataran, not went amok to spread chemical-laced water and teargas.

Problem 3: FRU ran wild to attack other innocent Bersih protesters and bystanders who were not entering Dataran Merdeka.

> Deduct 10 % for BN

Right solution is to give them stern final warning and 30 minute for them to disperse and go home peacefully.

Problem 4: […]