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100 reasons to say NO to UMNO-led BN

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Reason 100: Malaysian Constitution was raped repeatedly

Malaysian Constitution was amended for a few hundred times, estimated at 650 amendments in 56 year unlike American Constitution with 27 amendments in more than 200 year’s history.

The real power is shifted to executive [cabinet] after countless amendments on constitution.

The social contract embedded in the constitution is no longer original and diluted. For instance, Muslims are freely to convert to other religion.

The sequence is rearranged after updates.

Reason 99: Amnesty for illegal immigrants is asking for trouble. Reason 98: 8TV Tasteless and Racist Adv against Chinese. Reason 97: Malaysia is falling into middle-income trap for its own making Reason 96: MCA is encouraging race-based system instead of meritocracy. Reason 95: The report of investigation on Teoh Beng Hock by Royal Commission is a disgrace to judiciary system. Reason 94: MACC is a total failure of BN government transformation project

Reason 93: Free psychiatric treatments for dissidents. Reason 92: Malaysia is a new base for Nigeria 419. Reason 91: High-handed crackdown on Bersih 2.0 Rally Reason 90: Poor education standard under BN government Reason 89: No stern actions against Penang blockage by […]