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How the little William Yau died?

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Do you believe the death of William Yau is due to misadventure?

You shall question the quality and professionalism of Malaysia judges first before you buy in such conclusion.

The coroner should simulate the body can be flushed out to Klang River before he concluded the death is misadventure.

Unfortunately, he never did that experiment to support his conclusion.

My hypothesis after his body was found in the Klang river is William Yau was murdered. My logic is simple, the drain is too small and the rubbish gates would prevent the corpse flushed out to Klang River if he accidentally fell into the drain and killed.

There are two possibilities,

1. Willian Yau was abducted by a stranger and murdered in other location after the incident was exploded to a hot news.

2. Willian Yau was murdered by someone closed to him and his body was dumped into Klang River. A false missing child report was made as a cover-up.

The burger hawker did not see any child came out from the car on the day the boy was missing is a clue for police reopens the investigation.

No CCTV […]