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Malaysia is the safest place in South East Asia? Willian's murder is a tip of the iceberg

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My condolences to parents of the little William.

No wonder parents in Malaysia have to escort their children to schools now unlike my generation could walk to school alone safely. The traffic nearby any primary schools are always chaotic before and after school hours.

What if the kidnapper and murderer is Indonesian illegal immigrant?

If he/she smuggled back to Indonesia silently, nothing you can do because technically he/she never left Indonesia to commit crime in Malaysia. Both Malaysia and Indonesia governments are helpless to charge the suspect in any court.

I repeat here, illegal immigrants are time bomb in our backyard.

Also you will not find many corpses in the Singapore river as Klang river. How could Malaysia is safer than Singapore as claimed by BN leaders?

‘Many bodies have been fished out here’

Fish trader Satarudin Kamal showing the spot where the body was found floating at Sungai Klang yesterday. Pic by Intan Nur Elliana Zakaria

FOR fish trader Satarudin Kamal, the discovery of the body believed to be that of William Yau Zhen Zhong, here, on Thursday, did not come as a surprise.

The 45-year-old told […]