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Does Ernest Zacharevic got work permit for him to work in Malaysia?

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Ernest Zacharevic’s latest drawing in Johor depicts a Lego woman and Lego boy on a bicycle. – Ernest Zacharevic Facebook pic, December 20, 2013.

He painted another mural in Johor Baru without getting any permission from the owner of the shop and local authorities as well. Besides, he was hired by some cafes in Johor Baru to paint murals for fees. He may got talent in painting, but such irresponsible act is against the law.

I notice many foreigners come to work in Malaysia without work permit as a freelance in various services. It’s time to deport Ernest Zacharevic and ban him from entering Malaysia if he is found violating our law.

Malaysia is not a nation without law, and poor enforcement by our government has encouraged million foreigners come to Malaysia to work illegally.