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Kandy is a Mecca for Buddhists in South Asia

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Kandy is a tranquil city with superb air quality and lush green environment. Its main attractions are Buddha sacred tooth temple and Kandy annual cultural festival.

I was stayed in Kandy for a year in 1998 as an expat for a US company. I hope I will visit the city in future.

The only drawback is no night entertainment and only one Chinese restaurant operated by locals was available at that time.

My running nose chronic illness since my childhood was fully cured after my stay in Kandy. I was not realized my illness was cured until I back to Malaysia. This is an invaluable gift I got from Kandy.

Kandy a garden city with ancient buildings By Shanika Pitigala Sunday, 11 November 2012

The clock ticks, reminding that times passes by, second by second, minute by minute and on and on. Changes taking place every second and at the blink of any eye. Centuries have gone by, ruling passed on from Kings to Kings and then to governments, leaving for us in the many structures, a glimpse what it was in the many many decades ago.

Walking along the shady paths, I […]