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Green Perkasa says no to hydro and nuclear power, and yet blame BN government for polluting the earth

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Energy sources in Malaysia.

China is not only investing in renewable energy like solar, wind, hydro, etc., nuclear power is the main alternative source to fossil fuel.

As of 2012, the People’s Republic of China has 16 nuclear power reactors spread out over 4 separate sites and 26 under construction. China’s National Development and Reform Commission has indicated the intention to raise the percentage of China’s electricity produced by nuclear power from the current 1% to 6% by 2020 (compared to 20% in the USA as of 2008). Source: Wiki’s_Republic_of_China

Hydro power is the major renewable power in China, but PR and Green Perkasa oppose every dam project in Malaysia.

Go to solar power?

Besides the cloudy and rainy weather will hinder the efficiency of solar system, Malaysia has to buy every single solar panel from the foreign companies.

Go to wind power?

Again, Malaysia has no know-how on wind power generator making.

At the end, both PR and Green Perkasa blame BN government for doing nothing to cut down CO2 emission.

M’sia among the worst global polluters Jared Pereira and G Lavendran | December 5, 2012

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