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Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha insults Johor Sultan and the King

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There are three issues for giving out number plate WWW 15 free of charge to Liow after the bidding process.

1. Those bidders bid for number plate WWW 15 should take RTD to court for break of agreement.

2. RTD decided to give number plate WWW15 free does not mean it’s free, someone has to pay RM24,200 for the Treasury Department.

Does Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha is going to pay with his own pocket money?

3. Liow’s official ranking is higher than Johor Sultan and the King for him to entitle the free number plate?

Why Johor Sultan had to bid in an open bidding process? Why RTD cannot give number plate WWW 1 free of charge to Johor Sultan?

This double standard is an insult to the Johor Sultan and the King.

Apa lu cakap tentang perkara ini, Perkasa? Lu Pembela Melayu, diam-diam saja bila Sultan dan Agong dihina secara terbuka oleh MCA.

Itulah sikap sebenar Perkasa, anak buah UMNO.

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