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Plate number bidding is good

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Good and auspices plate numbers used to give up free for royal families in the past. What is the fuss for Johor Sultan to pay RM520,000 for WWW 1?

Whether the money is from the rakyat or not, I am not sure. But I did remember Malaysian government had to spend RM500 million each year in 80s to maintain and sustain royal institutions.

The expenditure for this purpose should be double or triple or more in 2012.

My big question is how Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai got big money to bid for WWW 15?

Johor Sultan is owner of number plate WWW 1


PETALING JAYA: The Sultan of Johor is the proud owner of the much sought-after WWW 1 number plate with a winning bid of RM520,000.

The Road Transport Department’s website ( listed “D.Y.M.M. Sultan Ibrahim Johor” as having outbid 9,998 others for the coveted plate.

It also listed “D.Y.M.M. Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong” for WWW 5 with a winning bid of RM220,000.