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Yokohawa battery's success story

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In early 90s, a manager from my ex-company asked this question, “Why my uncle wanted to invest three million ringgit in a battery manufacturing factory? I will park the money in the bank to earn 8% interests if I were my uncle.”

A matter of fact is 3 million cash in early 90s is a big money to many laymen like him and me!

He had no choice and quit his QA manager job to help his uncle to start-up and run the company from the scratch. He came back to his old job in my company two years later after the operational and quality systems were set up in the company

The battery company has grown to the biggest battery manufacturer in Malaysia with 45% market share and a listed company after 20 year later.

This story is telling you that an entrepreneur thinks differently with a manager. I believe 90% people are born and nurtured with manager mindset unless your parents are from a business family.

Besides, our local universities produce skilled cheap workers to work for companies.

My friend is a typical manager who could not share the […]